Local Member, National Recognition

HHS ESP Nancy Burke (right) with student in courtyard vegetable garden.

Haverhill High School ESP Nancy Burke has been doing great things with her students.  So great, in fact, that when she wrote in to NEA Today, her story was chosen for publication.  In the high school’s courtyard, Nancy helped to design, fund, and construct handicap accessible gardens for her students.  Her program has been so successful, […]

Changes to Bylaws Approved

On Thursday, February 5th, the building representatives unanimously approved changes to the HEA Bylaws proposed last month by President Joe Cunha.  The changes increased the salary of the Secretarial Unit Representative’s position, offset by a reduction in the salary of the President.  Also, salaries of all Executive Board members were changed from a percentage of the […]

New Events Added!

New events have been added to the HEA calendar.  Just added: February Rep Meeting, Spring HEA-R Luncheon, and the annual HEA Honors Banquet.  Check back often for the date of future Building Rep meetings as well!  To see all events, click on the “Events” link in the menu bar.